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Software & Updates . . .

Learning software is critically important nowadays regardless of the type of job or industry one is in. Whether it is learning new publishing software, CAD software, medical software, or automotive mechanic software – it is everywhere! I paused as I wrote this to think of what types of jobs may not have some sort of electronic system, and the list was short!

Being someone who has been on computers since a young age, I consider myself quite knowledgeable with a multitude of software programs as well as hardware. Occasionally, at the need of a client, learning new software or making suggestions for new software is required. Being a quick learner, and one who learns best by jumping in and “playing”, this has not been difficult.

Today, a client sent me a video attached to an explanation to a question I had, and it was in software I had not heard of. In case you are wondering, the software is Loom! Loom is a free screen and video recorder, and it changed how the day went. Rather than playing phone tag to have a simple question answered, a short video explanation was sent. Voila! Question answered. Game changer!

Seeing Loom today, made me wonder what other fascinating, time-saving, and useful software exists that I am not aware of! So, I began poking around the app store and discovered hours and hours of useful tutorials on so many programs I cannot wait to learn!

There are a couple of particularly useful app that caught my eye while on this poking around journey. For those of you who have to send redacted documents, have you heard of the simple app called “Black Out”? So many times, redacted documents look like a black Sharpie was let loose to scribble on its own accord and documents are ruined. This software makes redacting quick and easy with a simple click of the mouse and an export to a new document.

Several times a week I receive emails from friends, family and acquaintances asking to convert a PDF. Yes, it is easy for me to do and quickly turnaround, but there is a free PDF to Word app that one can download and do it just as quickly and easily. It is free to download and easy to use!

In addition to finding and learning new programs, one must also stay on top of general software updates and patches. If you’re like me, it can be annoying to have the little popup reminders telling you of the updates available. Although tempting to put off and click the “Remind me Later” button, putting off those updates can be detrimental.

Software updates are important to your digital safety, cyber security along with multiple other reasons. The updates surround the revisions needed to repair holes or bugs that have been discovered since the previous release. In addition, they can add new features and remove outdated ones. How about your entire operating system? Is it up to date?

To save time, your computer (if you opt to) stores documents and compiles personal information from email address to credit card numbers to bank account numbers. That data is what cybercriminals are after, and they know how to get to it.

Ever wonder how hackers can do so much damage? Hackers find and exploit the security flaws found in programs or operating systems. The patches you get notifications for? They cover the security holes to keep hackers from stealing your most personal information and attacking your computer.

Yes, it is fun to learn new software tricks, but equally as important is downloading software updates when prompted. Both will save time and headaches in the long run!

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