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Time to Spring Clean and DeJunk!

Oddly, when work, or life in general, feels as if it is crashing down and beginning to spiral, rearranging furniture brings much needed calm and peace to my head space. Sounds weird, but it is true.

A long time ago, the phrase, “Learn to let go that of which you cannot control,” was said to me and it has stuck ever since. Rearranging a room helps that happen! This past week, my office itself began to feel as if it were closing in on me, and I felt the familiar feelings of panic begin to take over. So, what better room to rearrange and dejunk? Yes, my office!

Let’s face it, everyone is busy at work, and I am no different. With back-to-back phone calls and projects needing completion, there was little time to get this done. But oh, how it needed to happen! An hour or so later, my office was rearranged, and entire large trash bag was overflowing. Rather than feelings of helplessness, a clear head was the result, and I was able to move forward with the day without having a mental breakdown.

All this cleaning, dejunking and rearranging, made me realize one thing – this spare room in the office where I spent my days working was also the dumping space for mail, homework, extra cords, books, crayons and games. And, everything in between. While the clutter is harmless, just having it stare at me from random nooks and crannies was taking its toll.

The best place to get started is dividing and conquering all the paperwork. My catch-all basket was full to the brim and needed some serious organizing. What did I do with most of it? It landed in the “circular file” where it should have been in the first place. Sometimes, we just hang on to things that seem important at the time, but a month or two later, prove to be just the opposite.

Once papers are sorted, a filing system should ensue. One that you will actually use beyond a day or two. Order yourself files that make you happy, and trust me, there are all colors and designs, top load, side load or two pocket ... the options are endless.

Next, take a look at your desktop. You’ve cleaned off the piles of paperwork and filed them away, so what should be left? Just the essentials! If all you use are your calendar, a notebook and a pen, then that is all you should have visible. A clutter free desktop is one of the best feelings in the world! Seriously, how many staplers does one need?

Sadly, under my desk sat a prime example of having more than one of the same items that definitely wasn’t needed. One of my printers was using another printer as a table. It was time to admit the second printer served no function and was taking up space.

Lastly, before placing the items you need back in their spot, including your desktop or laptop, give it a good clean. Wipe the dust away, get rid of greasy fingerprints or that spot where your donut sat, and make it shine again!

Having a clean, clear work space – no matter where you work – leads to better productivity, has less distractions and heightens one’s motivation. Work is stressful enough, so let’s decrease the clutter-filled chaos! When will you do your “spring cleaning” in your workspace? I promise, it will be worth it when you do!

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