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Create Happiness Wherever You Go!

Even through warmer weather is around the corner and the sun is shining longer during the day, it is not enough to lift everyone’s spirit. The pandemic continues to loom over heads like a dark cloud, and the world of work has changed drastically.

Whenever the return to normalcy and routine happens, do we really know what it will look like. What we do know is the outlook of normalcy also is not enough to lift everyone’s spirits, nor is it enough to boost the morale of every business owner, entrepreneur, freelancer or employee.

So, we cannot depend on the sun, the vaccine, the weather or our working environment to give us job satisfaction or pick-me-ups although that would be nice. What can we depend on other than ourselves to create happiness or higher morale in the workplace? Not much.

What can we control, make decisions about, and carry out that would provide a smile and pat on the back for employees and coworkers? Again, the answer is ourselves. How you act and carry yourself at work matters, in a big way.

Just during the past week, two friends – one a teacher and the other a business owner, discovered how they carry themselves at work makes an impact on others. Such an impact, it causes others to react in a way that impacted those very people.

Lori Bakke, owner of Granny’s Liquor in Lanesboro, arrived one morning to “open up shop” and was pleasantly surprised by the note she discovered on her keyboard that read, “Have the best day! Positive vibes on high”, signed with a heart.

Notes written in earnest can warm a heart quickly. Let’s face it, most of us spend a lot of time with our employees and coworkers, and sometimes it is difficult to tolerate, understand, and get along with them. But, in the end, there is also a high chance each and every one of you have a closer relationship with the people you work with than many of your own relatives.

Elissa Robinson, a teacher in Rochester, found a note that provided a pep talk when direly needed. It said, “You are doing great things, and I am so proud of you. Some days are just a funk, but you got up, worked out, put on pants and came to work to make a difference. Keep being great.” First, thankfully she put pants on, but second – a note like that would most likely make tears slide down one’s face.

The fact is, the note evoked such emotions. Elissa shared how lucky she felt and happy tears did stream down her face. How wonderful to have such thoughtful coworkers.

Notes like Lori and Elissa received tell the recipient they play a role in their life and an invaluable one at that. Intrinsic rewards, such as notes of gratitude, appreciation, and thanks along with pick-me-ups are more valuable than material rewards and don’t cost a cent.

No matter the reason – covering a shift, taking on extra responsibilities, giving a coworker a ride to work, etc., what you do matters to others, and it is noticed. If you are on the receiving end of a kind gesture at work, take the time to write a note. Let that person know the impact they had on your day, in that moment. In turn, this impacts them and gives momentum to random acts of kindness.

In case you are wondering, it is scientifically proven that focusing on the good and sharing gratitude with others helps fill not only yours, but their “proverbial glasses”. So, go ahead and do it – keep those glasses half full and filling up!

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