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Speaking & Story Telling

Sharing stories is powerful!  What better way to influence, teach, inspire and impact?  The connections made by sharing stories brings us together, and it is our goal to provide hope and inspiration to others.

There are several subjects that both myself and Lindsey have lived experience with and those are business (of course), but also adoption, addiction, the journey through breast cancer, loss,

grief, gratitude and grace.

Our lives have been flipped upside down multiple times by one or the other, and sometimes more than one simultaneously.  If you belong to a group, need a podcast guest, or just want to hear our stories, reach out.  We would love talk with you or to your group.


Adoption runs strong through our family.  I am an adopted person.  I am a birth mother.  

I am a foster parent.

Together, our story is compelling, raw, engaging, honest, and beautiful altogether.

As keynote speakers at the 2021 Annual Bellis Tea and Talk, Kristen, Elissa Robinson and Lindsey Polin shared their intertwined story of adoption, addiction and so much more.


All three are birth mothers, and Kristen is adopted.


Shownotes: "Kristen, from Minnesota, was a multi-sport athlete in high school, even competing while pregnant with her daughter. She tells the story of giving birth, placing her daughter, then needing years to get her life back on track.

In one incredible year, Kristen learned that her birth parents were looking for her, her daughter wanted to find her and that reunion can bring closure and healing while revealing unbelievable coincidences. Kristen talks about some of the right decisions she made in her life and some of the missteps that she wishes she would have done differently as a parent."

Part 1 Is Live! 


Birth Moms Real Talk has its first duo podcast interview with Kristen, a birth mom and Lindsey, her daughter also a birth mom, yes, it’s complicated but you will enjoy the conversation of being outcast and bullied and finding solid ground to become who they are today. Adoption spans over several generations affected with Kristen and Lindsey. The challenges of life interrupted both Kristen and Lindsey’s life with circumstances that grew an unbreakable bond. Listen closely to find out the special twist of love and bonding of another daughter.

Let's Talk Business

Screen Shot 2021-09-26 at 8.26.42 AM.png

My stories and experience in business started at the tender age of 13 when I began processing payroll, creating marketing material, and providing customer service to my parents in the business they started from scratch!

Since then, my experiences stretch from waitressing to starting business from the ground up.  Not to mention the 17 years spent in the corporate world.

In 2017, I opened a coffee / wine bar in her small town fueled by tourism.  In 2018, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and made the tough decision to close the doors.  After a double mastectomy, and four other surgeries, I spent 2019 recuperating and made it through as a breast cancer survivor.  

During that time, Midwest Virtual Assistants grew and developed to what it is today.


As a featured expert in the Package Your Brilliance Series, #1 thing Kristen’s hoping to accomplish is to make an impact on women and help them realize that dreams can become reality.

The Package Your Brilliance Series has brought together 18 first-class experts from all over the world who are revealing what it takes to turn a brilliant idea into a successful online business.

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